About Us

Takumi Tonkotsu, situated in Düsseldorfer Oststraße 51, is the second restaurant in our Takumi family.

But this particular restaurant isn’t exactly the same as the Takumi that you find on Immermannstraße. Instead, we showcase how much variety there is when it comes to Japanese noodle soups and the extensive yet subtle differences in flavour each dish has.
For example, you may choose between tonkotsu ramen, which is a thickly-cooked pork broth with thin noodles and a vegetarian variation cooked with miso. You can also refine your ramen with different toppings such as leek, morels, pickled ginger, cooked eggs and plenty more besides!

Besides the traditional Japanese noodle soup, you will also find other Japanese classics. We serve curry with rice, dumplings called gyoza and Kirin beer on tap, among other delicious options.

Between 11:30 and 17:00 we offer lunch, which includes a ramen, one side dish and rice. Or, you can try our popular easy lunch plate that comes with a selection of specialties like fried pork, gyoza and teriyaki.

Don’t forget to bring your loyalty card with you because with every meal you order at noon, we give you a stamp. And after completing one card, you will receive a free ramen!